We feel honoured that a variety of presentations were done during the first Dutch Signs of Safety Gathering. Presentations of staff members, supervisors, therapists and many others. All of them helped us to take another step in the right direction and reaching our ultimate goal to create safety for all children and their families.

On a sidenote: Not all presentations and/or videos can be viewed because of privacy concerns. We ask you to treat the available material with respect. Videos should not be distributed or used for any other reason than for refreshment of memory or to get inspired. Unfortunately, the material is in Dutch.

PowerPoint Slides

You can find a list of all presentations that were given during the gathering in Zwolle in the schedule below. The hyperlinks will redirect you to the PDF versions of their presentations.


The presenting organisations allowed to show a number of videos. You can find these in the schedule below. The password to access the videos can be found in the e-mail you received.


You can download the full program in (PDF) here.

Presentaties Zwolle 2 februari 2016


Signs of Safety Gathering Zwolle