Colleague trainers

In order to provide a high quality of support, I work together with other licensed Dutch Signs of Safety trainers. We all have a lot of expertise in working with Signs of Safety. Besides this everyone has their own field of expertise within Signs of Safety. Together we review your wishes and needs, and create a fitting training scheme or implementation plan.


Trainings Actor Joscha Zinger

Simulation (Role play) helps to increase the depth of a Signs of Safety training. Joscha Zinger can help with this.

“Besides my current job as a Child Protection worker, I work as role-play actor during training. Because of my own experience I can empathise with social workers as well as with clients. Signs of Safety is an approach I’ve extensively worked with and became familiar with throughout the years. During the feedback I emphasise the positive aspects of the process, as I believe clients take the most out of that.”

Examples of simulations I can help with:

  • Practise conversations with children (using playmobil or by drawing 3 Houses, Words & Pictures, etc.)
  • Practise conversations with parents, how to deal with resistance or denial
  • Supervising network sessions
  • Conversation/interview techniques, for example asking questions